When you are preparing to bring home your new puppy for the first time, it may be difficult to think about anything else. But before your newest family member arrives, it’s best to get everything you and your pup will need ahead of time to save yourself the headache of running around last minute and forgetting important items. Being unprepared can mean less quality time for you and your new pup.



  • Premium pet food to get him off to a good start (start with what he’s being fed at the breeders).
  • Stainless steel, non-tip food and water bowls.
  • Identification tags with your puppy’s name and your phone number.
  • A collar (1/2 to _ inches wide). Consider using a “breakaway” collar with plastic clips that will unsnap in case your puppy gets hung up on something. For best fit, allow for 2 fingers of space between the collar and your dog’s neck.
  • A nylon 4-6 foot leash (wait until your puppy is older before getting a leather leash).
  • A crate with dividers that will ‘grow’ with your puppy. Once he is reliable in the crate you may decide to add a mat or towel for him to lie on.
  • A barricade, such as a baby gate, to prevent access to off-limits areas of the house.
  • Enzyme-based cleanser for accidents.
  • Bitter Apple or Fooey! Spray to deter pup from chewing on inappropriate items.
  • A brush suited to your puppy’s coat.
  • High-quality, safe chew toys to ease teething (such as a Bullwrinkle).
  • A Kong (or two) appropriate for your pup’s size.
  • High quality Treats (such as Wellness Pure rewards).
  • A few toys: something that rolls, something that squeaks (these can be harmful if ripped open and swallowed so supervise carefully), something longer for tugging.

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