Those families who can provide enough space and exercise time for this breed will be rewarded by the Weimaraner’s undying loyalty. Continue reading


With his wrinkly skin and purple tongue, there’s no denying that the Chinese Shar-Pei is a unique and adorable breed. But while they look cute and cuddly, the Shar-Pei is certainly not for everyone. With a fierce sense of loyalty and a natural instinct to protect their family, the Shar-Pei is not looking to be… Continue reading


Intelligent, hard working, flirty, beautiful and completely charming–Samoyeds are like the person we all wish we could be. They enjoy life and everything it has to offer which means that, as their dog parent, you’ll be busy enjoying it with them. Size: Male: 50-65 lbs. Female: 35-50 lbs. Exercise Requirements: Get ready for a workout… Continue reading


Rhodesian Ridgeback’s get their name from the “ridge” of hair on their backs, growing in the opposite direction of their coats. Members of this extremely active breed can be dedicated and loyal companions but are not right for all families. If you’re prepared to dedicate some time to training and a great deal of time… Continue reading


Thanks to a frou frou haircut for show dogs (read on, for an explanation), the Standard Poodle is often unfairly considered a “fancy” person’s dog. Luckily, Poodles haven’t been let in on the news that they’re different. In reality, this misunderstood breed is friendly, loyal, generally great around kids and can make a wonderful addition… Continue reading

Sheepdog Licking Snow

Recognizable for the shaggy hair that falls into their big brown eyes, this loving breed will make a wonderful addition to a family that can commit to grooming the big lugs.  Size:  Male: 60-75 lbs. Female: 50-65 lbs.  Exercise Requirements:  Members of this breed will benefit from a leisurely 45 minute walk or some fun… Continue reading

labrador retriever on grassy meadow

The Labrador Retriever is a gentle and loving family dog. The breed’s exuberance is enchanting but results in a pup that’s got to be properly trained and well-exercised to remain calm when you need him to. If you’re prepared for the sidewalk or — preferably — the dog park to become your second home, you’ll… Continue reading

Irish Setter2

An Irish Setter is more than just a pretty face, but their striking red coat and impressive silhouette always make an impression. These dogs often seem to have springs for legs, thanks to their eternally sunny demeanor and remarkable athleticism. It can be difficult to keep and hold their attention for any length of time… Continue reading


Big, beautiful Gordon Setters are reliable, protective, loving and playful. They ask a lot from their people–in the form of regular grooming and plenty of exercise–but they certainly give as much as they get…and then some. Size: Male: 55-80 lbs.  Female: 45-70 lbs. Exercise Requirements: Gordon Setters are very energetic and need a lot of… Continue reading

Golden Retriever4

The Golden Retriever is one of the most popular breeds among dog owners. This breed is naturally good-natured, easy to train and makes a wonderful addition to most families. Due to its popularity, Goldens have been prone to over-breeding so, if buying from a breeder, it is essential that you do your homework. Also, consider… Continue reading