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Toy Fox Terrier

Toy Fox Terrier

Small in size, but big in personality, Toy Fox Terriers are an energetic breed that will keep you on your toes.

3-7 lbs.
Exercise Requirements:
This energetic pip-squeak may look like your average lap dog, but looks can be deceiving. This breed needs as much activity as many three or four times his size. Daily walks through the neighborhood are essential. Toy Fox Terriers thrive in environments where they can play long games of fetch or run in open spaces.
Mess Factor:
Toy Fox Terriers are light shedders and cause little mess.
Barking and Volume:
Yappy to their core, these dogs can bark when excited, sad, surprised, angry or happy. Proper training can help curb this habit.
Training Requirements:
This breed loves to learn and to be trained. Toy Fox Terriers make great companion pets for older folks and for those with disabilities. Consistent, at-home training should suffice for this breed ,although a puppy class is recommended.
Ongoing Costs:
Health Factors: Perhaps it’s their spunky, happy-go-lucky spirit that keeps this breed so healthy; they’re prone to few health problems. Some may suffer from digestive issues if not fed a properly balanced diet and leg problems are not uncommon. *A reputable breeder can help minimize the risk of genetic disorders.
Grooming: Home grooming is sufficient.
Training: Basic training or a puppy class.
Grooming Requirements:
The Toy Fox Terrier’s short coat is easily maintained at home with weekly brushing and occasional bathing.
Kid Compatibility:
While this breed is happy around children, they are quite fragile and can be easily injured by a well-meaning child. Toy Fox Terriers are best suited to homes with adults and older children.
13-14 years.
Friendliness: Towards Animals
Toy Fox Terriers often think they can stand up to dogs 10 times their size, so it’s important to watch them in spaces where they’re interacting with big dogs. On the flip side, they’ll want to taunt small animals and aren’t afraid to chase them. Squirrels and small house pets beware.
Friendliness: Towards People
This sociable breed loves to be around people. They will enjoy cuddling up to just about anyone, especially if that person is open to playing or chasing them. Although they love to play the role of fierce watchdog, they’re more apt to roll over for a belly rub than they are to attack an intruder.
BE PREPARED FOR: A high-maintenance, but happy-go-lucky, breed that will definitely bring a smile to your face.

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