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Munchiecat Meowy Christmas Catnip & Valerian Root 15g


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Looking for USA Grown premium catnip for your cat? 🐈💚 MunchieCat's Organic Catnip + Valerian Root Blend is the perfect product for you and your cat! With minimal stems and seeds, MunchieCat catnip products focus on the essential oils that cause your cat to go bonkers! 

What is Valerian? Munchiecat's Premium catnip leaf and flower + Valerian blend gives you minimal stems and seeds and more of the essential oils with nepetalactone, the chemical responsible for the herb's frisk-inducing effects on felines. Valerian is a plant with tiny, sweet smelling flowers that grow in bunches, and jagged leaves. But it's not the flower or the leaves that get cats excited: it's the root. In valerian root, the compound they're reacting is actinidine, or valeric acid. Valerian's effects are similar to catnip except it is stronger and lasts much longer. (From MunchieCat)

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