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Chow Chow

Chow Chow

Chow Chows look like overgrown teddy bears (with blue tongues), but they have not forgotten their heritage as guard dogs. They can be difficult at times, but respond well to confident, sensitive training. These pups aren’t too keen on newcomers but are very loyal to family.

40-75 lbs.
Exercise Requirements:
Chow Chows do not need a tremendous amount of exercise–30 minutes a day should do the trick. It is important that they are exercised regularly, preferably in the morning or evening during periods of warm weather.
Mess Factor:
Dogs with shorter hair will do well with weekly brushing but longer hair means more grooming. Be prepared to brush them every day during periods of intense shedding.
Barking and Volume:
Chow Chows like to bark.
Training Requirements:
Members of this breed can be difficult to train and tend to be very assertive. They can be aggressive with other dogs and very wary of strangers, so careful socialization is an integral aspect of any training program. Professional help is recommended.
Ongoing Costs:
Health Factors: Chow Chows are susceptible to eye, elbow and hip problems, so it is important to choose a reputable breeder.
Grooming: Diligent home grooming is required. Professional grooming two or three times a year.
Training: Professional training is recommended.
Grooming Requirements:
You will need to brush your Chow Chow three times a week and more in periods of heavy shedding. Expect to visit a professional groomer two or three times a year.
Kid Compatibility:
Chow Chows are best suited to older, considerate children who will respect the dog’s boundaries. They are not particularly playful and may not be tolerant of younger children who play too roughly.
8-12 years.
Friendliness: Towards Animals
Chow Chows are very protective of their people and can be aggressive with strange dogs. They are generally good with other household pets.
Friendliness: Towards People
Chow Chows are devoted to their families and tend to be very wary of strangers. Careful, early socialization and firm, gentle handling can help them be more accepting of newcomers, but they will probably always be rather aloof.
BE PREPARED FOR: Loads of time and energy required to train and groom these beautiful dogs will pay off in loyal companionship.

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