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Want ketchup with that? Familiarly known as wiener dogs, Dachshunds are a lot like young children — curious, mischievous, playful, loyal and a little stubborn. Good training techniques will help to tame their inner toddler and provide you with an affectionate new family member who will try their best to protect you and will definitely shower you with love.

16-32 lbs.
Exercise Requirements:
It’s important to maintain this breed at a healthy weight because the Dachshund’s vertebral column is somewhat fragile and any extra weight can cause painful strain on the area. A half-hour walk once or twice a day should suffice. Rigorous exercise (like jumping or running) should be avoided because of the Dachshund’s back issues.
Mess Factor:
While smooth or longhaired Dachshunds won’t leave clumps of hair on your couch, you’ll still need to vacuum thoroughly once a week to avoid dog-hair pileup. Like many dogs, they go through periods of heavy shedding in the spring and fall so you’ll have to ramp up your efforts at those times. Wirehaired Dachshunds are virtually shed free.
Barking and Volume:
This breed has a pretty good set of pipes for a small dog. They enjoy barking and can make good watch dogs.
Training Requirements:
Dachshunds have a playful streak and can be stubborn. Their independent and mischievous nature makes them comparatively difficult to train. Be patient and consistent. A few treats to reward a job well done will go a long way. Professional help wouldn’t hurt, either.
Ongoing Costs:
Health Factors: Their long back is susceptible to slipped or ruptured disk. While this increases the chance of partial or full paralysis, Dachshunds can make full recovery when the problem is promptly dealt with. Pay attention to any neck or back pain. * A responsible breeder can minimize the risk of genetic disorders.
Grooming: Longhaired or wirehaired Dachshunds should be professionally groomed twice a year. Otherwise, home grooming is adequate.
Training: Intermediate training. Because Dachshunds are headstrong, they can certainly benefit from a few obedience lessons.
Grooming Requirements:
Very little grooming is needed for the smooth Dachshund — a gentle rubdown with a damp cloth every other day is enough to remove loose hairs. The longhaired Dachshund needs a weekly head-to-tail brush down with a pin brush to prevent matting. Wirehaired Dachshunds should be professionally trimmed and stripped twice a year.
Kid Compatibility:
Some adult Dachshunds are wary of children, either because they have had bad experiences or they are unfamiliar with them. However, Dachshunds will play well with children if they are socialized with them from an early age. Note: this breed can have a mild jealous streak, so make sure to divide your attention evenly between your child and your dog. Supervision is recommended.
14 years.
Factoid: The Guinness World Record for the oldest dog was recently held by Chanel, a 21-year-old wirehaired Dachshund.
Friendliness Towards Animals:
Dachshunds tend to form close friendships with other dogs in the household, but they can get jealous and irritable around strange dogs.
Friendliness Towards People:
The Dachshund’s lively and affectionate personality will make him a good companion, once he warms up to you and your family.
BE PREPARED FOR: Children constantly wanting to pet your dog as well as an adorable pup with a big personality.

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