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Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzers are loyal, friendly and great for hairophobes. These sturdy, energetic dogs are intelligent — and tend to be stubborn. Make sure that you’re firm and confident during puppy training and you’ll surely build a solid bond and a healthy relationship.

Male: 14-18 lbs. Female: 11-15 lbs.
Exercise Requirements:
Miniature Schnauzers can easily adapt to most living situations, but they do need their daily walks and enjoy a good off-leash run around the park. For additional exercise, these energetic dogs will also happily take part in competitive obedience and agility competitions.
Mess Factor:
Mini Schnauzers are a great choice for hairophobes because of their non-shedding, wiry outer coat and close undercoat.
Barking and Volume:
Although they sometimes like to act as guard dogs and will bark to communicate, the Mini Schnauzer’s barking is not usually overwhelming and it is surprisingly low-pitched.
Training Requirements:
This breed is known to be intelligent and obedient, but they are also known for being stubborn and challenging other dogs. As long as you commit to proper obedience training and socialization, they will make an excellent addition to your family.
Ongoing Costs:
Health Factors: Mini Schnauzers are generally a healthy breed, but they are susceptible to Cushing’s Disease, hypothyroidism, pancreatitis, urinary tract infections, Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) and cataracts, which can lead to blindness. *Responsible breeders can minimize the risk of genetic disorders.
Grooming: Regular brushing and clipping at home should suffice.
Training: This breed will require obedience classes starting in puppyhood.
Grooming Requirements:
Although the breed sheds very little, daily brushing is necessary to prevent matting. Some Mini Schnauzers are given cuts to further accentuate their bushy eyebrows and beard.
Kid Compatibility:
Socialize your Schnauzer and invest in obedience training and your Mini will become a loving, energetic companion to all members of the family, your kids included. Give these dogs time to get used to the sudden movements and high-pitched noises made by small children and soon they’ll be joining in on all kinds of games.
15 years.
Friendliness: Towards Animals
Mini Schnauzers may not immediately get along with other pets, especially small animals, which these hunting dogs could instinctively view as prey. However, through early socialization and gradual introduction, they can be trained to get along with their fellow four-legged family members.
Friendliness: Towards People
Again, it may take some warming up, but with some socialization this breed makes for a loving addition to the family.
BE PREPARED FOR: Early obedience training with your pup who will grow to be a playful, affectionate companion.

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