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Old English Sheepdog

Old English Sheepdog

Recognizable for the shaggy hair that falls into their big brown eyes, this loving breed will make a wonderful addition to a family that can commit to grooming the big lugs.

Male: 60-75 lbs. Female: 50-65 lbs. 
Exercise Requirements: 
Members of this breed will benefit from a leisurely 45 minute walk or some fun playtime in an open field, but they don’t require tons of exercise. These pooches are often described as couch potatoes but still need their daily dose of walks or runs. 
Mess Factor: 
This big dog sheds… a lot. Put your vacuum cleaner and lint brush on high alert. 
Barking and Volume: 
You won’t hear much out of your Old English Sheepdog–he will only bark when provoked. 
Training Requirements: 
A puppy class is recommended for socialization. 
Ongoing Costs: 
Health Factors: This breed can suffer from hip dysplasia, cataracts, glaucoma, thyroid problems, cancer, diabetes and heatstroke. *A reputable breeder can help minimize the risk of genetic disorders. 
Grooming: In addition to extensive home grooming, you’ll need to visit a professional every two months. 
Training: Basic training. A puppy class could do wonders for this breed’s social skills. 
Grooming Requirements: 
Old English Sheepdogs require daily brushing to prevent matting. In addition, you’ll need to visit a professional groomer for trims every two months. 
Kid Compatibility: 
This chilled-out breed is great with children and loves to interact with them. You’ll need to supervise playtime, however, because thanks to their size, the Old English Sheepdog may accidentally knock a child down. 
7-11 years. 
Friendliness: Towards Animals 
The love of an Old English Sheepdog knows no bounds. They enjoy socializing with other pets, especially if they can interact with them in an off-leash environment. 
Friendliness: Towards People 
Old English Sheepdogs are among the most docile of breeds. If you’re willing to show these pups some lovin,’ they’ll return it tenfold. 
BE PREPARED FOR: A long haired, “hippyish” dog that will go with the flow, who has a very “un-hippyish” need for extensive grooming. 

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