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Thanks to a frou frou haircut for show dogs (read on, for an explanation), the Standard Poodle is often unfairly considered a “fancy” person’s dog. Luckily, Poodles haven’t been let in on the news that they’re different. In reality, this misunderstood breed is friendly, loyal, generally great around kids and can make a wonderful addition to your family. Best of all — the way you style (or don’t style) this pup is up to you.

Male: 45-70 lbs. Female: 45-60 lbs.
Exercise Requirements:
This breed needs lots of exercise. Walks are great, running off-leash is even better. Adequate work outs will mean that your Poodle will be relatively inactive while indoors.
Mess Factor:
Poodles have a non-shedding, curly coat that is great for neat freaks and people with allergies. But if they do not have a close-clipped haircut, dirt and sand will stick to it like a magnet.
Barking and Volume:
Like all dogs, Poodles will bark once in a while but some tend to be more yappy than others.
Training Requirements:
Standard Poodles are highly intelligent and one of the most trainable breeds. They require mental stimulation (obedience training or play sessions, for example) to prevent boredom or behavioral problems could ensue. A puppy class is recommended for first-time dog parents.
Ongoing Costs:
Health Issues: Poodles have a significant number of genetic disorders that may (or may not) crop up. These include: Addison’s disease (symptoms include gastrointestinal problems); gastric torsion or bloat (a twisting of the stomach resulting in rapid swelling which requires emergency veterinary action); cancer, cushing’s disease (a problem with the adrenal glands causing symptoms similar to aging), epilepsy, hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, progressive retinal atrophy, von willebrand’s disease (a blood disorder similar to hemophilia).
* A responsible breeder can minimize the risk of genetic disorders.
Grooming: Factor in the cost of professional grooming when considering a Standard Poodle.
Training: Poodles are very trainable and a basic puppy class should do
Grooming Requirements:
Standard Poodles need to be clipped by a professional groomer every six weeks and regular brushing and combing is a must to keep the coat free of matts. The breed is often misunderstood in terms of grooming. The “fancy” Poodle-do that is often the butt of jokes is reserved for show dogs. Today, Poodle parents can make an aesthetic decision about how to clip their pup. There are many styles to choose from (e.g. pet clip, town and country clip, kennel or utility clip).
Factoid: The Poodle clip was originally designed by hunters. The shaved areas helped the dogs move swiftly through the water and the patches of hair left on the body protected vital organs and joints from the cold.
Kid Compatibility:
The Standard Poodle is excellent with children.
15 years.
Friendliness: Towards Animals
Poodles like to taunt small park animals for sport but they are generally good with other pets.
Friendliness: Towards People
Poodles are people-oriented dogs that are usually eager to please. They love giving and receiving affection with their human parents.
BE PREPARED FOR: Putting your groomer’s kids through university and a dog that will be a great companion.

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