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Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu

These striking, sturdy dogs are wonderful additions to families…who know how to handle them. In the wrong hands, Shiba Inus can become very assertive and even aggressive. With skillful training and socialization, however, their intelligence, loyalty and liveliness will shine through. These dogs are not recommended for inexperienced dog parents.

Male: 23 lbs. 
Female: 17 lbs.
Exercise Requirements:
These smaller dogs need big-time exercise, preferably in the form of long walks or runs for an hour or more each day. This breed is happy living outdoors part time and does well when able to move around freely throughout the day, so a large fenced-in yard is ideal. A rousing game of fetch for 20 minutes every night after dinner will help them burn off energy.
Mess Factor:
The Shiba Inu sheds so get your vacuum cleaner ready.
Barking and Volume:
These dogs have a tendency to “vocalize.”
Training Requirements:
Shiba Inus are remarkably self-confident and tend to be assertive. This can make training difficult. It’s a good idea to start professional training early.
Ongoing Costs:
Health Factors: The breed is generally quite healthy, though they can be prone to knee problems. *A responsible breeder can help minimize the risk of genetic disorders.
Grooming: Home grooming is adequate.
Training: Some professional training is recommended.
Grooming Requirements:
Twice-weekly brushing will help keep shedding to a minimum. You’ll need to amp this up during periods of heavy shedding in the fall and spring.
Kid Compatibility:
Shiba Inus are hardy and playful, making them ideal companions for children.
12-15 years.
Friendliness Towards Animals:
Despite their compact size, Shiba Inus are natural guard dogs and can be aggressive with unknown dogs. They should not be trusted with smaller pets.
Friendliness Towards People:
Shiba Inus are faithful and loving toward respected family members, but have little time for strangers.
A robust, intelligent, one-family kind of dog, who will play well with your children but let others know that they are not welcome.

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