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The Weimaraner is the type of breed that can go the distance–literally. This dog has enough energy to run all day long and needs heaps of daily exercise to burn it off. Those families who can provide enough space and exercise time for this breed will be rewarded by the Weimaraner’s undying loyalty.

Male: 66-88 lbs.
Female: 55-77 lbs.
Exercise Requirements: 
This hunting dog has a ton of energy that must be burned off. If your Weimaraner doesn’t get enough exercise, or is penned up for a good deal of the day, he may become destructive at home. You’ll need to get out with your Weimaraner for at least two to four hours every day.
Mess Factor: 
The short, sleek coat of a Weimaraner doesn’t shed very much. True, you might see some loose hair as its coat is rejuvenated, but overall, shedding is not a big issue with this breed.
Barking and Volume: 
Weimaraners like to bark and they love being with their families. If you leave them alone for long periods of time, they may start “shouting,” which likely won’t go over well with the neighbors.
Training Requirements: 
This breed is quite intelligent, but can also be a little headstrong and may try to assert themselves. This means that training is essential. Give your Weimaraner consistent training early on and you’ll have a happier household because of it. If your Weimaraner isn’t going to be the only animal in your house, you’ll have to work on socializing them with other pets, as well.
Ongoing Costs: 
Health Factors: The breed is susceptible to gastric torsion. Other health concerns include spinal dysraphism, CHD, entropion, distichiasis, vWD, hemophilia A and hypertrophic osteodystrophy. *A responsible breeder can minimize the risk of genetic disorders.
Grooming: Home grooming is adequate.
Training: Training is necessary.
Grooming Requirements: 
A short coat makes grooming simple. Just brush your Weimaraner when you see loose hair, bathe him when he’s rolled in something nasty and you’ll be good to go.
Kid Compatibility:
While Weimaraners love being a part of the family, they may be inadvertently too rambunctious for little tykes. They’re better off with slightly older children.
10-13 years.
Friendliness Towards Animals: 
Remember, Weimaraners have hunting instincts and it’s not especially wise to put them in with small animals and other pets which they may view as prey. However, if socialized properly — and early — Weimaraners can learn to tolerate other pets and dogs.
Friendliness Towards People: 
Weimaraners make good watchdogs because they’re loyal to their families and can be very protective of them. They’ll be affectionate with you but may give your friends the cold shoulder.
BE PREPARED FOR: A loving and loyal family member that can run a marathon—every day.

Links and Resources: 
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Most large cities have their own rescue organizations for the breed.
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