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Welsh Terrier

Welsh Terrier

Similar in appearance to Lakeland and Airedale terriers, Welsh Terriers are a lot of dog in a compact package. They are relatively easy to care for and have plenty of personality, but those feisty terrier instincts demand careful training and socialization so that your little dog doesn’t get the idea that he’s the king of the castle (even if that’s actually the case).

20 lbs.

Exercise Requirements:
Energetic Welsh Terriers enjoy vigorous walks and plenty of play time. About an hour of walking daily, plus 20 minutes or so of playtime at home should do the trick. They will appreciate being let loose to run and play with other dogs but can be difficult if their hunting instincts are aroused. It is important that they are only let off leash in safe areas.

Mess Factor:
Their relatively small size and wiry coat mean that while Welsh Terriers shed moderately. You won’t have to make vacuuming your life’s work.

Barking and Volume:
These smart, active dogs have a lot on their minds…and they are happy to tell you ALL about it.

Training Requirements:
Welsh Terriers are not difficult to train, but their feisty nature makes consistency and early socialization important. They love to dig, bark, run and can be possessive and scrappy with other dogs — all traits that you’ll want to discourage.

Ongoing Costs:
Health Factors: Welsh Terriers tend to be quite healthy, but may be susceptible to eye and knee problems.
*A responsible breeder can help minimize the risk of genetic disorders.
Grooming: Requires clipping approximately every three months.
Training: A puppy class will go a long way toward creating a happy home.

Grooming Requirements:
A quick brush twice a week will keep the coat in shape between appointments with the professional groomer every three months.

Kid Compatibility:
The Welsh Terrier is energetic and mischievous and always up for playtime. This breed is quite sensitive and independent, however, and may not tolerate much from youngsters. This terrier will get along best with older, more considerate children.

12-14 years.

Friendliness: Towards Animals
The Welsh Terrier really isn’t all that hard to get along with, but their eagerness to protect their people from other dogs earns them a 3 in this category. They are not usually aggressive with other dogs, but they aren’t likely to back down from a fight, either. Having been bred to hunt smaller animals, early socialization with other pets is essential.

Friendliness: Towards People
Welsh Terriers are very independent and can seem aloof. They enjoy the company of their people but tend to be reserved with strangers.

BE PREPARED FOR: A compact, easy-keeper who definitely has a mind of his own.

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