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Wire Fox Terrier

Wire Fox Terrier

Smooth and Wire Fox Terriers were long considered to be variations of the same breed, but they have recently been recognized as separate breeds with distinct origins. These smaller terriers are true live-“Wires”— entertaining, energetic and very independent.
15-20 lbs. 

Exercise Requirements: 
The ever-alert Wire Fox Terrier is always up for adventure and loves to explore. They need plenty of exercise, including a good walk on a leash (a total of an hour a day should suffice) combined with playtime at home. They love to chase smaller animals, so it is important that they are only allowed off-leash in safe areas. 

Mess Factor: 
Minimal shedding, your furniture is safe. 

Barking and Volume: 
Wire Fox Terriers can be quite vocal, but consistent correction can discourage yappiness. 

Training Requirements: 
These dogs are very independent and tend to be very assertive. It is a good idea to enroll in a puppy class to teach your Wire Fox Terrier that you’re the leader of the pack, and not the other way around. 

Ongoing Costs: 
Health Factors: This breed may be prone to deafness and eye problems. *A responsible breeder can help minimize the risk of genetic disorders. 
Grooming: Professional shaping is recommended every three months. 
Training: Some professional training is a wise investment. 

Grooming Requirements: 
Twice-weekly brushing in between professional shaping (every three months) will keep the Wire Fox Terrier’s coat in good condition. 

Kid Compatibility: 
These dogs love to play, but they will not be tolerant of rough handling from younger children. They get along best with older children and teenagers. 

13-14 years. 

Friendliness: Towards Animals 
These dogs are not exactly social butterflies, as they are naturally quite assertive and protective of their people (not to mention bred to hunt smaller animals). They are not likely to be aggressive toward other dogs, but they won’t back down from a fight either. They need to be carefully socialized in other to accept smaller animals as co-pets. 

Friendliness: Towards People 
Wire Fox Terriers are not particularly affectionate, although they will become attached to their human family. They are generally trustworthy with strangers but reactions will differ between individual dogs, some are very friendly while others are more standoffish. 

A real character who is very entertaining but isn’t afraid to speak, er, bark his mind. 

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