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Irish Setter

Irish Setter

An Irish Setter is more than just a pretty face, but their striking red coat and impressive silhouette always make an impression. These dogs often seem to have springs for legs, thanks to their eternally sunny demeanor and remarkable athleticism. It can be difficult to keep and hold their attention for any length of time and this makes training a challenge. Irish Setters can be wonderful companions for people who have the time to exercise and groom them.

60-70 lbs. 
Exercise Requirements: 
Irish Setters are built for speed and endurance and it is essential that they get plenty of exercise–two hours a day is ideal. Keeping this dog sufficiently active is a big job for anyone who does not have lots of space where they can romp freely. 
Mess Factor: 
Those eye-catching long red hairs will look striking all over your black jacket, if you know what we mean. 
Barking and Volume: 
The Irish Setter’s natural exuberance leads to frequent vocalization. Not a problem for country dwellers, but this is one more reason why these dogs are not well suited for city life. 
Training Requirements: 
Irish Setters are eager to please and not particularly difficult to train, but their seemingly boundless energy and playfulness can make capturing their attention a challenge. A puppy class is recommended. 
Ongoing Costs: 
Health Factors: Irish Setters are unfortunately prone to cancer and epilepsy, as well as hip, hearing and eye problems. *A responsible breeder can help minimize the risk of genetic disorders. 
Grooming: Regular brushing supplemented by periodic trims are in order. Expect to visit the groomer two or three times a year. 
Training: Some professional training is recommended. 
Grooming Requirements: 
The Irish Setter’s long, silky coat combined with his active lifestyle means that you will spend a considerable amount of time removing burrs and tangles. The coat requires regular brushing every two to three days. Professional grooming two to three times a year is needed to maintain shape. 
Kid Compatibility: 
Irish Setters usually love children and enjoy playing with them. They are large and energetic, so it is important that you teach your dog not to jump up or play too roughly with smaller children. Supervision is recommended. 
10-13 years. 
Friendliness: Towards Animals 
Irish Setters are very social and love to make new canine friends. 
Friendliness: Towards People 
The good-natured Irish Setter will welcome strangers into the fold and loves to be the centre of attention. 
BE PREPARED FOR: A happy-go-lucky ball of energy that requires patient handling and plenty of exercise.

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Irish Setter playing outside

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