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Norwich Terrier

Norwich Terrier

Norwich Terriers may look like they’re easy to carry around in a purse, but they’re also full of energy and need lots of playtime in a space larger than a handbag. If you’re looking for a small, trainable dog that’s not prone to yapping, the Norwich Terrier may be the breed for you.

11-12 lbs.
Exercise Requirements:
One walk per day is enough for a Norwich Terrier, but a long session of play in the yard or an off-leash dog park will make for a happy camper.
Mess Factor:
Norwich Terriers have a double coat, which means they do shed. Thanks to their small size, there’s not going to be piles and piles of hair to vacuum, though.
Barking and Volume:
Most Norwich Terriers are not yappy, although they will let you know if someone is at the door.
Training Requirements:
Terriers tend to be independent-minded, so it’s important to start training early so they don’t end up walking all over you. This breed is very eager to please, so once you get into a routine, they will be happy to follow along — especially if you have treats. A puppy class is recommended.
Ongoing Costs:
Health Factors: Norwich Terriers may experience hip dysplasia or eye problems. *A reputable breeder can help minimize the risk of genetic disorders.|
Grooming: Home grooming is adequate.
Training: Basic training. A puppy class – and lots of treats – will do the trick.
Grooming Requirements:
Norwich Terriers should be brushed weekly. Their coats should also be professionally stripped twice a year.
Kid Compatibility:
This breed has lots of energy…and so do kids; they’ll get along well as long as children play gently with this small dog.
12- 15 years.
Friendliness: Towards Animals
Norwich Terriers generally get along well with larger pets. They should be supervised around small animals such as gerbils, hamsters or rabbits. Norwich Terriers may see these animals as vermin to be hunted.
Friendliness: Towards People
Norwich Terriers are desperate to please and have lots of energy, so they take well to people, whether they are familiar or not.
BE PREPARED FOR: A bundle of energy who needs a lot of your time, but is also eager to keep you happy and learn new tricks.

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